Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction

Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition when person fails to achieve a firm erection or isn’t able to maintain erection to perform a sexual intercourse. It is caused mainly by the atherosclerosis (poor blood supply and narrowing of arteries), damaging of nerves, arteries and muscles. Inability to achieve an erection can leads to an unsatisfactory sex life, psychological issues, relationship problems, embarrassment and the inability to get your partner pregnant and have a family. Mostly men with diabetes or high blood pressure are suffering from this condition.

The main risk factor introduces age – the higher the age the more likely a man is to develop erectile dysfunction. Other risk factors represent alcohol or drug abuse, consumption of the commonly prescribed drugs such as high blood pressure drugs, antidepressant drugs, low testosterone level, obesity, high cholesterol level, heart disease, neurological disease including multiple sclerosis, emotional and psychological issues, depression and anxiety, clogged blood vessels and surgical procedure of the pelvic area.


Diagnostic tests including ultrasound can be done to observe the blood flow to the penis. Various blood tests can help as well. Physical examination and detailed medical history is required to recommend a treatment for erectile dysfunction to the patient. Frequently, unhealthy food with lack of vitamins, minerals and enzymes may initiate erectile dysfunction as well as atherosclerosis in many arteries in the body.

Medical and drug treatments are given for this condition for temporary relief and to deal with symptoms. Other treatments also include the use of vasodilators. However these vasodilators only help in reducing the symptoms and are not able to treat the root cause of the problem. In other cases, surgery can be performed but with mixed effects and a potentially high health risk for the patient.


As it is widely known, stem cells have the ability of self-renewal and differentiation into any kinds of cells in the body. They are able to repair and restore of the damaged tissues due to production of many growth factors and ability to replace the damaged cells with the new ones. Hence, when injected, these cells can reverse tissue degeneration, build damaged vessels and also regenerate damaged nerves to repair the structure of the penis and bring it back to healthy state to achieve an erection.


Stem cell treatment for the cure of erectile dysfunction is done by extracting the patient’s mesenchymal stem cells from his own fat and used to repair and rejuvenate the penile tissues responsible for the disorder.

The most common benefits of stem cell therapy represent safe treatment with patient´s own cells. Therapy is minimally invasive, highly effective and fast method without the cuts and scars.