The patient A.A. has undergone two courses of stem cell treatment. After the second course, he wrote following: I have been suffering from moderate to severe ulcerative colitis for the past 12 years. I was treated by injections and other medications that gradually tapering off of it. But after some time I started feeling symptoms of the ulcerative colitis coming back. Lots of cramping, pain, loose tools & blood in the stools. I have been taking some organic supplement a couple of years ago and great results from it, but it only took for short time. Year 2012 when I started to hear about stem cell therapy, I made a thorough research and found lots of outstanding claims. And after I got my operations with less than two weeks I can feel a vital difference and progress in my body. And after sometimes my body was totally recovered and treated.*
Testimonial by a patient A.A. after the second course of treatment at EmCellPatient: А.А., Gender: Male, Age: 47, Country: UAE, Diagnosis: Chronic relapsing advanced non-specific ulcerative colitis affecting rectosigmoid, grade II activity. Moderate, poorly managed type 2 diabetes mellitus

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