About us

STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME focuses on use of stromal vascular fraction (SVF) cells rich in mesenchymal stem cells, other regenerative cells and growth factors important for tissue regeneration. SVF cells are obtained from patient´s own fat by minimally invasive procedure called miniliposuction under local anesthesia.

STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME represents unique team of specialists including doctors, scientists and researchers with 15 years of experience in stem cell therapy, many types of cell treatments and medical procedures that can be used in regenerative medicine to improve or solve health-related problems or complains.

Patented technology for the highest quality of SVF cells containing stem cells is used in medical practice of our physicians – clinical specialists who are professionally trained and board-certified. At STEM CELL THERAPY 4 ME network of specialists we provide consultations free of charge for stem cell therapy and cell therapy via telephone, Skype or in person.



We can search and book the flight that suits you best. If required we can assist with special arrangements, like ambulance flights, etc.


On request, we can arrange your journey from door to door. Our transfer service picks you up at the airport and brings you to your hotel and to the Clinic. Enjoy a comfortable stress-free journey. If desired, we cater for special requests regarding the type of the vehicle. A private ambulance service is also available.


We are happy to organize accommodation for you and accompanying persons. We work with a wide selection of hotel partners. Based on your preferences we can recommend 3 to 5-star hotel.

Translation & Interpreters

Our staff communicates in English language. To feel comfortable, we can arrange translation of your medical records and documents, if needed. A professional interpreter from 22 languages is available upon your request and can be present also during your medical examination and procedures.

Spa Services, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

To further improve your cell therapy outcomes, it is possible to plan other supportive measures, including physiotherapy, rehabilitation and spa services before and after your treatment. We can assist you to select from a broad variety of physiotherapeutic, rehabilitation and spa services available as we cooperate with top spa resorts.

Sightseeing & Entertainment

We can assist you to arrange guided city tour. You can enjoy a great taste of local culinary specialties, visit of wine cellar with local wine tasting and many more.