Diabetes and autoimmune diseases

After the first course of stem cell treatment, the patient wrote us the following: Good morning, I want to thank the staff of the clinic for the wonderful job they have done. I feel very good and my blood sugar is within the normal range (96-107) and 126-140 in 2 hours after eating. I want to thank God and the doctors for giving me the cure and good spirit. Sincerely yours, M.A.*
The letter from the patient M.A. after the first course of treatmentPatient: M.A., Age: 49, Gender: Male, Diagnosis: Advanced subcompensated diabetes mellitus, type 2. Hypertension. Grade III diabetic nephropathy. Grade I renal insufficiency. Ischemic heart disease (IHD): atherosclerotic cardiosclerosis. Grade IIA cardiac insufficiency. Chronic gastritis, duodenitis (incomplete remission). Deforming arthrosis of the left knee joint., Country: UAE

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