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I am 40 years old. I have had Asthma for 35 years. First, my Asthma was only light, or „intermittent" as my pulmonologist called it. But as I made the mistake to start smoking when I was 19 years old, it got worse. Although I was only a very light smoker, during 20 years I developed a light form of COPD in addition to my asthma. My FEV1 fell well below 80% of normal (77%) for a man of my height and age. When I realized what was happening (especially a progredient shortness of breath when working out) I quit smoking at once. My pulmonologist told me, that there is no hope of recovery from a COPD, once it has started. All he did, was prescribing more and more corticosteroids and Beta Agonists. Nothing else. No advice, no tips. Nothing. But I did not accept that and started searching on the Internet for alternative medical treatments. I found the Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me and got in contact with the clinic. I already had read some encouraging studies on treatment possibilities with autologous mesenchymal stem cells. But in Germany, that kind of treatment is forbidden by law. Doctor explained the procedure to me, he explained the liposuction, purification and transfusion of the stem cells too. So I made up my mind, booked the treatment and traveled 2 months after first contact. Everything there worked out just fine and smooth. The team and doctors were all very competent, professional and kind. Doctor told me that the treatment would take up to year to work. It dampens the chronic inflammation and then starts to regenerate the damaged lung tissue. And he also gave me information on how to change my food, and my lifestyle to support the stem cells in their work. The whole treatment is more like a multifaceted approach to counter chronic inflammation, the main reason for my pulmonic disease: stem cell therapy, change in food, change of lifestyle, and start in sports.

I am now 4 months after the treatment and my lung already shows signs of regeneration. My FEV1 value has started to rise up (up to 93% of normal right now). Something my pulmonologist thought impossible. And, even more importantly, my Tiffenau index value (FEV1/FVCex [%]) went up from 68% to 75%, and is now over the official 70% line, meaning that there is NO COPD. I am very thankful to the team of the clinic for making that possible and proving my pulmonologist was wrong.

ChristopherAge: 40, Gender: male, Diagnosis: Asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis 4 years ago and developed pneumonia 14 months ago. After being hospitalised for almost 2 months I was allowed home on 6LT day oxygen and 8LT night which was plumbed into my home and had to be ongoing 24/7. Going for my first check up on 27/6/2017 my lung function had significantly reduced with FEV1 of 59% and FVC of 61%. Being very low and ill my family decided to take over as there was almost no treatment the NHS could give me other than pills to try and stabilise the condition but the pills only made me feel very ill.

My family started searching the internet for alternative treatment and decided to go down the road of stem cell treatment. My husband looked day and night for a suitable clinic and narrowed it down to Stem Cell Therapy 4 Me network and its collaborating clinic. As I was not allowed to fly getting there was proving very difficult. We had to hire a motorhome and drive there going over on the ferry and my sister and brother in law came with us and helped every step of the way. It took 3 days to drive from my home in the midlands.

The staff at the clinic were lovely and doctor put me at ease about the procedure which was a lot easier and painless than I was expecting. We had a few days rest and then we made our way home, being bit disappointed that I could not spend more time in the lovely city for sightseeing but everything was booked for going back.

I went for my next check up 21/9/2017 and my FEV1 had gone up to 70% and my FVC had gone up to 74% which delighted all of us although at the time we were not sure if the change wasn´t due to the pneumonia finally leaving me.

My last check up was 1/5/2018 and to say that the results were amazing is putting it mildly I had my blood oxygen done and they were very surprised to find that I had too much oxygen in my blood. The nurses did a spirometry and were amazed to find that my FEV1 had gone up to 92% and that my FVC was a whopping 104%. The result was that they took me off oxygen right there and then and also reduced it from 6LT to 4LT for walking until I can get some tests done for walking which will be in the next few weeks and there is a big possibility that I will not need oxygen at all.

The clinic was wonderful with me and doctor has kept in touch via skype with help and advice on all the vitamins and minerals I should be having and also advice on exercise and food. I shall keep in touch as it will be 1 year in August since I have had treatment and am keeping my fingers crossed that I gain little extra oxygen which will take me to near enough normal.

At the moment my breathing is fine and I am counting myself lucky to be in good health and that my family were so dedicated in finding me such an excellent clinic.

Thank you, Stem Cell Therapy 2 Me!

AnnetteAge: 70, Gender: female, Diagnosis: Pulmonary Fibrosis

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