Patients with different musculoskeletal disorders are reporting their experiences with cell therapies using:

7 months after cell therapy reports: "I was suffering from the left knee joint stiffness and pain every morning before the stem cells therapy. Due to severe pain, I was not able to cary my little baby. Taking the baby upstairs or downstairs was impossible. I visited gym in order to gradually increase muscle strenght around the painful knee, but pain was unbearable so I had to quit. The pain started even after minimal burden or when the weather changed. The knee was also painful even at walk. The running was impossible. After the stem cells application the stiffness of the joint disappeared completely. Although there is still a minimum pain when I exercise too much. I was able to run my mountain bike to the top of Praded Mountain (elevation 1492 m above the sea level) in Northern Moravia region. Walk is completely painless for me now. Nowadays I can do jogging for about 1km with no pain. I am constantly improving thanks to my own stem cells."*
Roman39 year old man, arthritis grade 3 in left knee
Describes her status after 2 years from cell therapy: "My left hip was very painful, I was on painkillers for more than 2 years and my only alternative was the artificial hip joint surgery. This surgery I did not want to undergo, because I knew about possible risks and complications. I decided for much safer approach – my stem cells. Taking the fat from the belly is not painful, although before that procedure, I was afraid a bit. After cell application, the improvement appeared almost immediately and after 4 months I was almost without any pain. The results were even better in 1 year after the cell therapy. I did not have any pain, so I could also work on my garden. I walk much better, I do not have a problem with getting off the car or do longer walks. The important thing is, I believe, to follow the instructions of your doctor who is really experienced in cell therapy. At first I underwent the intervention with the left hip and after 6 months I went with the right hip. Now I am considering to undergo this procedure also with my knees. I am 100 % satisfied with this cell therapy."*
Vera69 year old woman, osteoarthritis grade 3 left hip and grade 2 right hip
Describes after 10 months: "I had a bad injury of right knee by playing tennis. My cross ligament was ripped off and the cartilage was injured. I have learned about cell therapy on the internet and discussed that with my doctor. Also my family supported me in that decision. The intervention and cell administration is not painful. 4 months after the application I did not feel any pain. I have no limitations in any movements, I am able to go upstairs and downstairs and I do several sports including tennis, bicycling, hiking, skiing. I can fully recommend the application of stem cells in case they are needed for healing. I consider the investment into my own health as the best one. If I have to undergo this again, I certainly go for it without any hesitation."*
Sebastien43 year old man, sport injury and osteoarthrisis grade 2 both knees
After 3.5 years from cell therapy reports: "My orthopedist offered cortisone injections and analgesic drugs to minimize the pain and sometimes the swelling of my right knee. I did not want to reconcile with such approach and I was able to find experienced doctor who offered cell therapy using my own cells from fat. Although the obtaining the fat from my belly was not very pleasant, I underwent it without any problems. During the first week after the cell therapy procedure the knee was sensitive. But then the pain was gone, swelling never occur again. After one year the knee was even better like a new one! Now being for several years without any troubles or pain, I am very satisfied with the result. I can go stairs without any problems. When I compare it with the situation before cell therapy, I had great difficulties in walking before, the knee was very painful. After the application of stem cells the pain was gone, after few months I could walk quite fast. Recently I enjoy hiking, I can walk pretty fast and recently I am getting ready for one week of hiking in the mountains. Plus, I do not need to take any medicaments. If I have to undergo this procedure again, I would definitely go for it."*
Blanka72 year old woman, osteoarthrisis grade 2-3 right knee
1 year after cell therapy procedure reports: "I had an accident with my „ultralight“ airplane and I had an intraarticular fracture and cartilage defect of my left knee. My whole left leg was crushed. The administration of stem cells was offered in addition to surgical fixation of bones to improve the healing process and to restore the cartilage and other joint functions. I felt significant improvement after approximately one month. The pain stopped and I can sleep normally all night long without any pain. And I am tremendously happy because of that. I can also kneel down or going upstairs or downstairs without feeling any pain. The pain is completely gone."*
Paul36 years old man, injured left knee after the accident
Describes her experience with cell therapy after 3 years: "Approximately two months after the application of my own cells I could take a trip to the sea. Before the procedure I could barely walk! I could walk only when I took painkiller pills. Sometimes they upset my stomach, sometimes I get bruising after these painkillers. Application of stem cells helped me a lot, I can walk after three years, I can work in my garden and do almost all my daily activities. I am very happy and satisfied with the result. Main reason for this treatment was because I did not want let the other doctors put a knife on myself or to cut on me. This cell therapy procedure was painless. Before the application I could just pulled my leg behind me. Nowadays, I can walk normally and also I can handle the stairs going upstairs or downstairs without any troubles."*
Kristine79 year old woman, osteoarthritis grade 3 both knees and grade 2 both hips
22 months after cell therapy describes: "I liked no waiting time and how fast the procedure of my stem cell treatment was performed. Even during the cell application I did not feel any pain or pressure and when it was completed I could go home by myself and without any problems. Three months after the application I noticed substantial improvement. The effect of cell therapy is long lasting even now after almost 2 years. The quality of my life is definitely much better overall. Also the joint mobility is much better, minimal pain when I over-exercise. In case I will have any problems with my other joints, I will definitely go for this stem cell treatment."*
Peter45 year old man, osteoarthritis grade 3 left knee and grade 2 right knee
2 years and 2 months after cell therapy reports: "I was suffering a lot from both hips pain. My movement was very bad, I could not even sit. At night, I could not sleep because of such a severe pain, I was forced to sleep in a sitting position. Painkillers and local creams against pain were not helpful much. My orthopedic surgeon recommended artificial joint surgery on one side and then on the other side. At that time I was about a year before my planned retirement. So I did not want to be out of work for several months and loose some benefits and risk a decreased income when finally retired. Thus, I decided for stem cell application to both hips at one procedure. My stem cells worked really well and fulfilled all my expectations, even exceeded them. I had almost no pain one week after the cell therapy and I could go back to work after 3 weeks. I am really happy I was able to save my hips and did not have to go that big surgery. Now when I retired, I can go for long walks every day, I can sleep without any pain. When the weather is changing, I can feel it in my bones, but otherwise I enjoy life without pain."*
George66 year old man, osteoarthritis grade 3 in both hips
30 months after cell therapy describes: "I like to work in my garden but for the last 2 years I was limited by a lot of pain in my knees. Right knee was more painful then left knee and it was difficult to even walk to the garden and back home. I was on painkillers almost constantly, walking only with a support of sticks. Without taking these pills I would wake at night with a lot of pain. I heard from a friend of mine about complications she had previously with her hip joint replacement and she said that she almost died because of thromboembolism that she was hospitalized for. At that time my daughter found a doctor describing great results of cell therapy for joint pain and arthritis with patient´s own cells obtained from fat. I decided fast and received that treatment within a week. Two weeks after the application of stem cells it started getting better. It improved more and more, slowly but constantly and after one year I was able to walk without my walking sticks that I had to use before. It is great that even after two and half years I can walk normally, I can go upstairs or downstairs. I do not need any painkillers any more. I am very happy. My personal life is much better now, I can even go dancing with my husband."*
Mary72 year old woman, osteoarthritis grade 3 on right knee and grade 2 on left knee
3 years after cell therapy reports: "For many years I had a problem with my right knee. I am an active tennis player as well doing other sports including skiing and skating. I underwent multiple injections of platelet-rich-plasma into my right knee but it worked only for about 3-4 months. When I played tennis, it was always painful and I was not able to concentrate on the game as I would wish for. Probably, I was trying to save the right knee and thus I got a lot pain also in my left knee and right hip. I started to limp because of that. The knee pain as well as right hip pain was present all the time, also at night when I woke up quite often. I was fortunate to consult an orthopedic surgeon who was telling me about this new treatment strategy using my own stem cells and other regenerative cells from my adipose tissue. I did not hesitate and within a week I was scheduled for the procedure in all three joints at the same time. After the application of stem cells I started to play tennis again, now it is possible for me to play all day long for both days on the weekends. The right knee, where the cartilage was really weakened, is much better, I can feel it only when I go for a long jogging. Otherwise, I can sleep at night very well, no pain at all. The hip is perfect and the left knee too."*
Thomas50 year old man, arthritis grade 3 in right knee, arthritis grade 1 in both left knee and right hip
15 months after cell therapy describes: "Before cell therapy, I underwent three surgeries of the right knee. 25 years ago that was the broken meniscus after a sport injury, then my cracked meniscus was removed and most recently I had a surgery on one of my knee ligaments performed with the follow-up arthroscopy which should lead to improvement of the original range of movement of the right knee joint. The mobility of the knee was not better even after a year of rehabilitation and physiotherapy care and I was facing a „short leg“ syndrome combined with limping due to the pain of the right knee joint. My hip joints, mainly the left hip joint, started to become painful, probably because of my tendency to protect the right knee. I had to take a lot of painkillers for many years when the pain was too severe. After 12 years from the last surgery I underwent the implantation of stem cells extracted from my adipose tissue into the knee joint. I did not feel any improvement for about 4 weeks, then it started to be better and better and 8 weeks after the procedure a huge improvement appeared. My right knee was without any pain and gradually I was able to stretch the leg completely which I was not able to do so for many years. Convulsions and stiffness of the joint have disappeared too. Now, 15 months after the cell therapy I am completely healthy, just at extreme exercise I feel some pain, so I have to be careful not to overload my joints."*
Vaclav66 year old man, after 3 surgeries of the right knee
11 months after cell therapy reports: "I was suffering from the hip and lower back pain mainly at nights, when I could not lie on the side for a long time, more than a year. Then, the pain of my knees and sacral area came in. This pain was growing to unbearable situation. I could not sleep at all and common painkiller pills and local painkiller gels did not work at all. For those reasons I visited my general practitioner who referred me to an orthopedist. This orthopedist diagnosed hip osteoarthritis on both sides and prescribed even stronger pills that makes me sick and dizzy so I was not able to take them at a prescribed doses. Based on his words, my only chance was the hip replacement surgery with artificial joints. I did not want to be disqualifies from normal life because of the complicated and extensive surgery and that is why I start searching for another options. I discovered a new method on the internet – using my own stem cells from fat. I decided to undergo this procedure despite my orthopedist and a friend of mine tried to pull me out of this procedure, saying it will not work since it is not so commonly used yet. The cell therapy procedure took just one morning. It was performed on both hips and did not cause me any troubles or complications. After this single application to both hip joints, all my problems had disappeared within few weeks. I was able to get back to work after only 2 weeks. I can walk well without pain or limping, I can sleep well at night without waking up at pain. My back pain also disappeared. The only change I had to make was the change of orthopedist. Now I am visiting that one who performed the cell therapy procedure to me. From my perspective, being so active now after almost a year from the procedure, I really do not regret the investment to my health. I can fully recommend this new method of treatment of joint problems."*
Ludmila62 year old woman, arthritis grade 2-3 in both hips
1 year after cell therapy refers: "I am an active sportsman for all my life. I love mountain climbing and many other sports. Unfortunately, about 5 years ago I suffered from grade 3 arthritis of my left knee and underwent artificial knee titanium replacement. At that time, there was no cell therapy available as an option to me. A year ago, being diagnosed with arthritis grade 3 on my right knee, I was looking for an alternative to artificial joint since I would not be able to kneel down at all on artificial knee joints. I underwent the cell therapy using my own fat as a source of stem cells without any problems. I also enjoyed how fast the recovery was. After one week I did not feel any pain, after 4 weeks I was walking without any problems or limping. After 3 months from the procedure I was skiing and ice skating. I love also climbing, and cycling. I was able to go for 200 km on by bicycle. And this is not the end. 8 months after my cell therapy I was present at an expedition to the Caucasus Mountains in Russia, where I climbed the highest mountain Elbrus (elevation 5642 meters above the sea level) and from the elevation of roughly 5000 meters I was able to ski down the hill. In the near future I am planning to visit Africa to climb the highest mountain there - Kilimanjaro. Great news is that the control X-ray after 1 year from cell therapy found that the cartilage in my right knee grew for additional 0,5 – 1 mm. I think that it could be good for many years to come and it could give me a freedom with all my sport activities."*
Anthony57 year old man, osteoarthritis of both knees

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