Anti-aging, rejuvenation, longevity and stem cells

Breathing after stem cell therapy

Anti-aging, rejuvenation, longevity and stem cells

Aging is the natural inevitable process that occurs due to the cellular deaths within the body over the time and leads to deterioration of the tissues, muscles, organs and overall whole human body. Aging symptoms typically begin to appear in the form of various body aches, memory loss, mood disorders, lack of vitality to carry the daily tasks and other factors. Proper prevention and treatment can significantly delay health problems at any age.

The process of aging occurs due to changes at the cellular level in the body. This happens due to shortening of the cells telomeres, repetitive nucleotide sequences at the end of chromosomes. The decrease of telomeres in the length makes cells unable to reproduce which causes tissue degeneration and ultimately cell death. Stem cells have unique capability to self-renew themselves, thus they can be used as optimal source for tissue and whole body rejuvenation. Due to aging it is normal for a person to experience thinning of hair and also the growth of gray hair increases. Skin becomes wrinkled due to abnormal function of the oil producing glands and collagen formation. Aging dark spots also start appearing in older age. Usually after the age of forty, decline in the sharpness of vision becomes normal and most people require glasses for reading. In some cases aging also causes macular degeneration which is associated with poor vision.


Once a person reaches his seventies it is common for a person to lose almost two inches in height due to the compression of spinal discs and joints. Decrease in the bone density occurs and leads to the risk of osteoporosis.  Aged people are prone to getting fractures and bone damage very frequently. Cartilages are getting thinner and degenerate which is associated with joint pain, chronic inflammation and osteoarthritis. Other common aging symptoms include decreased immunity, loss of vitality, constipation, hearing loss, and limited physical movement, slower metabolic functions of the brain, lungs, liver, and kidneys.

In stem cell therapy, the body is provided with millions of stem cells that replace the damaged old cells present in the body. This leads to the overall rejuvenation of the deteriorating tissues and organs, improving the overall health of the individual. Stem cells achieve this because of their capability to minimize chronic inflammation, and to repair and rejuvenate damaged tissues and dying cells in the body.

Regardless of gender and age, stem cells repair the body’s organs and tissues, reducing the pain and stiffness present in the joints, decreasing body aches, strengthening the muscles and improving the immunity, enabling to improve health and quality of life significantly.

Healthy woman after stem cell therapy

The main benefits of stem cell therapy include overall feeling of rejuvenation, increased libido, and more strength for physical activities, improved memory, improved sleep, improved emotional health…